Totoro Nail Art Designs Inspired by My Neighbour Totoro

Totoro is from a Japanese animated film called My Neighbour Totoro.  Huge fan of this film like Totoro Nail Art. This design is like cartoon. Thumb finger nail should nail art by big Totoro. White colour one is a baby form of Totoro. The black furry ones are called Sootballs.

How long they take to grow up to the size of the big Totoro? U wonder!

Things You Will Need for Floral Nails

Picture polish cherish

Acrylic pain in black, white and brown colour

Matte top coat

Totoro Nail Art

Totoro Nails Art

Step 1

Apply 2 to 3 coats of cherish on nails

Step 2

Draw mini Totoro’s body with white acrylic paint

Step 3

Mix down and black paint to create dark brown. Then draw the eyes

Step 4

Draw some oval shaped balls with black acrylic paint

Step 5

Add some hair / spikes around each ball

Step 6

Draw the eyes using white and black acrylic paint

Step 7

Draw Totoro’s body with grey acrylic paint (black +white paint)

Step 8

Draw the face with black and white acrylic paint. Mix white and brown for the tummy.

Step 9

To prevent the design from cracking, apply regular top coat before applying matte top coat.


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