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Facia Capsules Triple action For Healthy Glowing Skin

The skin is in fact the dress covering our entire body. It is constantly under repair. The skin you are wearing today is different from the skin you wore yesterday. The outermost of cells are added to it from inside. The skin while hiding and protecting the inner parts of the body also provides it with information about the surroundings. The skin can identify warmth heat, cold, pain, touch and pressure. The skin also makes arrangements to carry the information or message about the surrounding to the necessary places in the body.

The skin also helps you to keep the body temperature constant. When the body temperature rises during exertion the sweat given out to the body surface is made to evaporate, thus bringing down the excess temperature. The skin covering the palm and the sole is thicker than that at other places. The texture of the skin in these places that it could stand being worn off is also a fascinating thing. The hair and nails are parts formed of the skin itself. Except in the sole and the palm the skin around head grows in length. The rest of the hair grows to a certain length only. These hairs drop off and new hairs grow. The hair has life in its root that remains embedded in the skin. The hair is made up of dead cells. This is why when our hair is cut we do not feel any pains.

Your skin is only specific to you. It is not similar to the skin of any other person. The lines engraved on the palm and fingers differ from individual to individual. There are no two finger prints that are similar. This is why individuals could be identified by means of finger print. The nails at the tip of your fingers and toes too are part of the skin. Except for the root, rest of nail is made up of dead cells. Our future is forecasted at the line engraved on our palm by the palm reading specialists. So our future is depending in our hand.

 Range of facia family products

  • Facia capsules
  • Facia face wash
  • Facia scrub
  • Facia whitening cream
  • Facia gold aplicap
  • Facia brightening body wash
  • Facia Shampoo with Conditioner 2 in 1

Facia Triple action capsules

Facia Triple action capsules is a unique triple action formulation designed to ensure healthy, attractive and glowing skin . Facia capsules are manufactured from Australian company. This is the  4 weeks secret capsule. It has been proven that cures skin problems. Not only skin but also hair and nail problems too. That’s the reason for the name triple action capsule. Facia Triple action for a healthy glowing skin (Skin,Hair,Nail).

Facia Supplement

Most of the capsules in market are only for skin or face. But facia supplement for skin, hair and nail for complete use. other products dont have triple action capsules.  Famous actors and models joined in facia family. They taking facia supplement and prove their beauty and body language. when you use the supplement then only you may know the benefits.

Facia capsules for men

Facia is manufactured for both men and women. Facia for men in different box. Facia for men is special formula for men from Australia  to fight Skin and Hair  Problems.  Facia works best when taken capsules with meals.

Facia for Beauty

Ingredients of Facia contains the miraculous  combination. nail damage, yellow colour, no shinning, no growth are occur due to unhealthy. now a days teenagers hairs like horse tail. they damage their hair by straightining, curling and colouring. they dont know how to protect hair damage. you always like to becomebeauty but dont miss use it. consult a good beautician and get advice from them. if you have budget problem don’t worry join with facia family and see good results.

Facia capsules Ingredients

  • Marine   collagen
  • Grape seed extract
  • Biotin
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Facia capsules Benefits

  • Refresh  your  skin
  • Improving its complexion making it fairer
  • Preventing pimple breakouts
  • Strengthen your skin
  • Preventing premature ageing
  • Removing pigmentations
  • Removing fine lines
  • Removing wrinkles
  • Remove sun block
  • Protect from aging skin
  • Give energy
  • Bring out the youthful radiance of your skin
  • Facia  also  gives  you  strong  and healthy  hair
  • Reducing  hair fall and strengthens
  • Nourishes your nails

Facia capsules how to use

Facia Triple action capsules box have 30 capsules. Take capsule everyday. Dosage – two capsules a day after meals in morning after breakfast and night time after dinner advised by health care provider. Children strictly as advised by healthcare provider. Use facia capsules after 18 years old.  Don’t miss the magic capsule it perfect balnce skin, hair and nail formula. Use facia today and see amazing results in just 4 week. There is no side effects in this capsule.

first you can see hair growth after taking capsules within 2 weeks. it is the starting  symptom so you will understand the supplement is working now. then hair fall stop. when you d’not have time to take any nutritional food dont worry for that. start to take facia supplement and get healthy body structure. we eat 3 tiimes in a day with full stomach but there is o nutrition.

Each capsule contains
Marine Collagen 100.00mg
Equissetum Avense 40.00mg
Vitis Vinifera(Grape Seed Ext) 5.00mg
Ascorbic Acid 15.00mg
Manganese Amino Acid Chelate 10.00mg
Biotin 5.00mg
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 25.00mg
Chromic Chloride 50.00mg
Lycopersicon Esculentum
(Lycopersicon Esculentum) 1.00mg
Calcium Pantothenate 25.00mg
Silicon Dioxide(from all sources) 7.50mg

Facia Capsules Manufacturer

Zifam Pinnacle Group
20-22 Long St

Facia Capsule available

  • Asia
  • Other
  • Australia
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Ghana
  • Jordan
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Viet Nam

Facia tablets Price

In SriLanka  Rs. 1,740.00

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