Facia Gold Aplicap Night Recovery Oil Review

Once upon time mostly all people use night cream for night time to become fairness skin. Then now days they use gold applicap for fairness in night time. Night cream make sweat in skin. Night cream also changes dry skin to absorb oil base. It also create viscous in face. Most of them don’t like viscous in face. We also have to know it is suitable for our skin tone when select night cream. Facia gold aplicap is the best solution for night time. It is specially made for fairness and golden colour.  It is good and suitable for all type of skin. If we have dry, oil, normal, combination and damage skin. Facia gold aplicap is the best No 1 recovering oil. when you start to use Aplicap then your damage skin turn to glowing. this product is certified by aurvedic. No 1 company manufacturing Facia Gold Aplicap. Beauticians, actors, models are using Facia. you can get golden colour. bottle not protect but cover can protect.

 Range of facia family products

  • Facia capsules
  • Facia face wash
  • Facia scrub
  • Facia whitening cream
  • Facia gold aplicap
  • Facia brightening body wash
  • Facia Shampoo with Conditioner 2 in 1



  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Natural Vitamin E

Organic jojoba oil helps to moisturize skin. Aging occur due to less moisture at age 25 or 30. Then wrinkles appear. Under eye dark circles appear. This is Australian product that’s the reason it have Organic jojoba oil. In Asian countries like Sri Lank don’t have jojoba fruit. This jojoba oil is getting from fruit. That fruit have water to improve moisturizer and remove dryness.

Use day cream it have spf 15 it should protect from sun light. Moisture balance is needed. But vitamin E can’t use in morning. Only can use in night time. Day cream don’t have vitamin E. When vitamin E absorb sun light then it make dark colour skin tone. So don’t use any other product which contain vitamin E. it damage fairness and oil make black colour.  Vitamin E remove patches and darkness in skin. it remove pigmentation and patches and give nutrition to skin.

Apply Facia gold aplicap

  • Before going to bed wash your face with a face wash use facia face wash in night time
  • Pat dry with towel or tissue.
  • Facia gold aplicap is cute small in gold colour. Remove aplicap cap
  • Put the serum water from aplicap into palm. That’s not like oily
  • Put dots into face don’t forget to put in neck also
  • Then massage it well using finger tips. Give circular massage in upward
  • Use fourth finger to massage oil under eye in circular motion
  • Press the pressure points in last
  • Mostly that aplicap is excess. After apply to face and neck then apply balance serum into hand.
  •  Leave it on your skin and wash your face in morning using facia face wash
  • You will definitely get fairness and beauty within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Repeat the same procedure every day night.

Facia gold aplicap protect pH balance in morning time. This night aplicap is better than cream.  Serum in Facia gold aplicap is absorbed quickly into the skin. This aplicap protect your skin in night time from fan, A/C.  Remove dark circles under eye and dark lines near to mouth. Most of them get dark lines when smile it appear in two sides of chin. You can see the improvement quickly. When you wake up in the morning you will see glow and shinning in your face. It makes sweet smell to sleep to repeat this procedure in night. dont use day time it contain vitamin E.  sun screen

I’m sure guarantee for this product.  Join facia family and get benefits .I truly appreciates the valuable feedback of my followers. So feel free to leave your comments and share your experience.

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