Faiza Beauty Cream Review, Side Effects & Price

Faiza Beauty Cream No 1

Faiza Beauty Cream No 1


Review on Faiza Beauty Cream

We face many problems in the busy life. It is very difficult for us to take care of our skin properly. Due to UV rays, weather condition, environmental pollution and food behavior pattern, our skin becomes sensitive. We start facing many skin issues like dryness, acne, itching and most terrible the wrinkles. Today sharing my review on Faiza Beauty Cream.

Our skin is our beauty, real charm god gift and we must know how to take care of it. The more we take care of it the longer it will stay young. No matter how expensive dresses and jewelry you wear if you don’t have a glowing healthy skin it will all go in useless. In this planet there is no single woman who does not have the dream to live a life with youth and healthy skin.

There are different skin types and colour of people live around the world. But everyone admires Asian skin colour. While searching for beauty tips we all go through many products like acne creams, sunblocks, anti wrinkles creams, whitening creams and lot more.  Using all these creams throughout the day at different timings takes much time and effort. Every day new whitening creams are introducing by advertisements in TV channels. There are many companies making whitening creams also known as night creams.

Few days ago while I was at a sale with one of my best friend searching for a beauty cream that can be a solution for all my skin problems. I tried many night creams. My friend said to try this Faiza beauty cream. That time I came to know about Faiza beauty cream from one of my blog readers. At first I had some questions appeared in my mind but then after refer from internet about some positive reviews, finally decided to give it a try.

Faiza Beauty Cream Manufactures

The famous skin whitening cream launched by Poonia Brothers (Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia ) in 1990 in Pakistan. It is the most used whitening beauty cream specially in Asia as no 1 cream. In 2014 this cream has won the best skin lightening cream award.  Both men & women use this cream.

Famous creams of Pakistan are Fair & Lovely, Stillmen cream, Dove Beauty Cream, L’Oreal, Olay, Sandal Cream, Ponds, Garnier, Light Night Fairness Cream,  Royal Cream,  Golden Pearl cream, Face fresh & Faiza beauty cream. We often try different types of skin whitening products to look healthy white and glowing but not focus on the product ingredients, sometimes which may contain harmful effects and make your skin itchy and left dark skin tone.

Faiza Beauty Cream Ingredients

While going through the Faiza beauty cream ingredients, it contains fewer ingredients than the other beauty products, which means fewer side effects chances. Most of the people can’t understand the function of ingredients so for their convenience I am sharing it now.

Faiza Beauty Cream Packaging

Faiza Beauty Cream Packaging

  • Ionized Water
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Vitamin A, B, E ,B3
  • Propyl Paraben
  • Citric Acid
  • Kojic Acid
  • Methyl Paraben
  • Natural Wax
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • White Oil
  • Natural Colors
  • Fragrance

There are some spelling mistakes in ingredients mentioned on the packaging check through internet to find the actual ingredients. Faiza Beauty Cream has come a long way over the years. Skin and beauty experts have found that natural ingredients such as vitamins are adding to Faiza Beauty Cream and SPF factor have helped to turn face cream into much more than a hydration product for your skin. Using this cream with natural ingredients will not irritate sensitive skin.

How to apply Faiza Beauty Cream

Faiza Beauty Cream Original Trademark Number

Faiza Beauty Cream Original Trademark Number

Faiza beauty cream is used at night time. Before going to bed wash your face with a face wash and pat dry with towel or tissue. Now take cream and apply a pea sized faiza beauty cream on your overall face avoid your eye area and don’t forget to put in your neck. after applying this cream don’t rub or massage. Leave it on your skin and wash your face in morning using face wash. If you are staying at home during day time then you can repeat the same process.  When u go out in the day time don’t put it . It contains vitamin E that’s not good for sun rays.

You will definitely get whitening and beauty within 1 to 2 weeks. Repeat the same procedure.  After you get whitening you have to use to maintain the beauty for 2 days in a week and now enjoy your new look. For the girls with oily skin I will recommend to use it at night only during summer time. In winter time it will work throughout the day because of its slightly oily texture.

Original Faiza Beauty Cream Packaging

Faiza Beauty cream is packed in a colorful and overwritten box sealed with a scratchable sticker with a ten digit code for SMS verification. There are many beauty products on the shopping mall and it’s very hard for us to decide and choose whether its original or not. The idea of verification code is quite interesting. Original faiza beauty cream is off white colour cream having sweet fragrance.

Faiza Beauty Cream Original Code

I went to pharmacy to buy faiza beauty cream and found two different products with the same name but two separate trademarks. After remember the advertisement that I saw on TV that mentioned their original trademark number, which is ‘223190’. For the first time I had to choose the product comparing some numbers instead of ingredients.

A face cream will keep your skin looking great and hydrated. Using a face cream can make difference to your skin. If your skin is oily or dry or sensitive or combination type a face cream can help to change. Applying Faiza Beauty Cream with trademark 223190 can really make a huge difference in improving the look and feel of your skin tone.

Uses of Faiza Beauty Cream

Within few days of usage it brings whiteness and beauty to the face with regular use. Every skin lightening product claims the same, but how it proves itself. These claim made me curious, and I decided to try out, whether it works or not? You can notice that Faiza beauty cream is a multi purpose cream after check the ingredients.

Faiza Beauty Cream Benefits

Faiza Beauty Cream Benefits

  • Fight acne and remove pimples
  • Reduce the itchness
  • Lighten the skin color
  • Fight the signs of aging
  • Keeping you look youthful and radiant
  • Reduces melanin
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Improve your skin elasticity
  • Adds an instant glow to your skin
  • Protects the skin from UV rays and sunburn
  • Protect your skin against harmful environmental elements, keeping it feeling healthy and smooth
  • Applying at night can help your skin recover from day time damaging elements


Faiza Beauty Cream Side Effects

I tried this whitening cream for 2 weeks and observed some side effects on my skin. This cream may increase the oiliness of your skin but after leaving 1 month, oil level got back to their normal level and got pimples on my face remember I have an oily skin combination. Please do not try this experiment on your skin. Try it in your hand. It has been suggested by dermatologist. Some people have very positive reviews without any side effects about faiza beauty cream but some have problems.  Some of them are

  • In few days it changes the skin colour and removes the spots and user feels happy. But after some time 2 to 3 months when they leave to use then it return the previous version of the face some kind of discoloration effects
  • It disturbs your skin Hormones. Firstly you get good results but later after 3 to 4 weeks of use you will get side effects on your skin
  • This cream may increase the oiliness of your skin
  • It gives a slight burning sensation on application
  • It caused temporary redness
  • The cream resulted in over sensitivity on the application area more like a bleach
  • Don’t use this cream in large quantity, it will burn your skin that may cause skin cancer.
  • Don’t use any other cream immediately after faiza beauty cream, then it can burn your face and cause cancer.
  • After using cream if you go in front of heat like cooking and sun heat also bad for skin, it increase cream side effects

Faiza Beauty Cream Price & Availability

Faiza Beauty Cream SMS Verification System

Faiza Beauty Cream SMS Verification System

You can easily get Faiza Beauty Cream from your nearest super market. Remember this cream is only available in Pakistan. You can also buy it online from ebay and Amazon. Prices are different in Asian countries. Every single time you switch on your Television, you can not escape the repeating fairness creams advertisements.

It is good to take care of your skin and facial appearance. I appreciate it when people take out time for themselves, but trusting blindly on every product can be very harmful to your skin. Don’t forget to see manufacturing & expiry date is mentioned on bottom.

Please do not waste your time and money on these fake creams, a cheap alternative is not always a good idea to get results. As a result do not buy No 1 Faiza beauty cream available in market it’s a fake product and always buy original Faiza beauty cream with trade mark NO 223190.

My Review on Faiza Beauty Cream

Today I am sharing my review about ‘Faiza Beauty Cream No 1, famous whitening internationally used cream. From my search I found both positive and negative reviews about this cream. Most of the people are ordering creams on ebay and amazon. I do not have any plan to spoil any product’s images, but my responsibility is to share a fair review with my followers in any case.

You go through many reviews on internet about Faiza beauty cream but none of them share their own experience with this cream in actually. I was amazed to see a guy posting some review on this cream which was nothing but try to get traffic on internet. Please trust only the ones with a real experience from their life with this kind of beauty products.

Faiza Beauty Cream

Faiza Beauty Cream

Let’s get back to my review on it. There are so many questions arising in mind. How can this cream work so faster than other products? Other products need at least a month to show its results. This cream work, it provides results without side effects in the short term period. But what about the long term effect?

Faiza beauty cream is not available in super market, this cream is selling in some grocery here but they are hiding the cream. I don’t know why they are hiding maybe the faiza eauty cream here available original and duplicate that’s why maybe. First time I bought original second time duplicate faiza. Find original cream using trade mark. Don’t buy faiza duplicate and lost money and fake cream cause allergies in to your skin.

Claims Of Faiza Beauty Cream

How to find this is day or night cream? This is not mention anywhere on the packaging. All the manufacturers have responsibility to mention in product, whether the cream is a day cream or a night cream along with the application procedure. When I checked completely the packaging box , and the only thing I got to know about this cream was a whitening cream, and that’s all! People who do not even know the correct spelling of ingredients are claiming to make a perfect Skin Whitening formula.

Because it was my duty to analyze the faiza beauty cream formula, texture and ingredients and decide how to use it. Due to the presence of petroleum jelly and natural wax, I found it a bit oily. So people with dry skin should use it as a day cream, combination and oily skin should use it as a night cream. Finally the cream felt more like a bleaching agent with some fragrance threw into it.

So after some research, I decided to do a little experiment on my own with this cream. Never use any new product directly on my face. Best way to try it on neck or hands first and after few satisfactory applications, go for facial skin. It is the best way to try skin products, and I recommend this tips to everyone before trying out any new skin product.

Faiza Beauty Cream Advice

Don’t fear for anything just go to skin doctor before using this cream and follow doctor’s advice. He tells you that whether this cream is usable for your skin or not. If you already used and effected by duplicate cream get solution. Doctor suggest me to stop using faiza and she said it may contain some steroids to get faster result & it may cause permanent damage to your skin. Due to this cream now the blood vessels on my skin are very visible. Finally I stop using this cream after seeing its side effects. Because I don’t like to take risking my skin.

Faiza Beauty Cream Whitening Formula

Faiza Beauty Cream Whitening Formula

That a large number of women are suffering due to the side effects of cheap creams like this. This post purpose is not to devalue any product of Faiza. But I care about you and just want to tell you that a famous and good product has also some side effects. Therefore who are looking for a skin lightening solutions, please do not waste your money on this type of duplicate products. I have read on the internet about this cream that it contains some harmful ingredients that can cause skin cancer but not sure. Most of the girls think skin discoloration as skin fairness and whitening. There is a huge difference between skin fairness and discoloration. When your skin starts to lose its softness and quality it damages the texture and results in discoloration.


Please do not test on your skin with such creams, natural remedies are better than these chemical based formulas. You can use various home remedies to achieve a real skin glow. I will share a post on this topic in upcoming days. Try Golden Pearl Beauty Cream that is ten times better than this one and highly recommended from my side. Now if you have any other side effects just write it in comment and share your experience

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