French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair at Home Like Elsa in Frozen

French braid hairstyles for long hair is easy method. Braids look elegant, versatile, casual and classy. French braid hairstyle is never, ever go out of style. You can try any hair style out of braids and add a bunch of great variations to your perfect hairstyle. One easiest and best looking braid is French braid. It is simplest step can do it with yourself at home.

I will teach you easy tutorial on how to make the French braid at home.

French Braid Hairstyle Steps

French Braid Hairstyle Steps

Things you will need for French braid hairstyles

  • Comb
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic band

French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair Tutorial

Dry your hair after hair wash. Dry hair look better for French braid hairstyles than oily hair. You can try this hairstyle for both curly and straight hair.

First brush your hair gently with brush or comb to smoothen and detangle any knots.

Then apply hair spray or hair gel or hair cream on the mid part of your hair. Don’t apply on the roots. After apply gel or spray it give extra volume to your hair and shiny.

Hair mousse is usually lighter on the hair, unlike gels or other products that weigh down your hair and give crunchy look.  When you have tin hair you must use mousse to get instant volume to boost your hair.

How to do a French Braid on Yourself at Home

Step 1

Comb all your hair backwards

Use your fingers to take hold of a few hairs in front side from your  hairline right over the crown

Step 2

Divide that hair pieces into 3 even sections like braiding your hair normally.

Start braiding your hair.

Step 3

Continue braiding your hair, but every time you cross a section over another.

Take a small section of hair from the loose strands hanging on the same side and add it to the section that you will cross over.

Step 4

When you go braiding down then you will see that the number of strands loose will soon start thinning and will get incorporated into the sections that you’re crossing over

At the time you reach the nape of your hair, there won’t be any extra leftover hair to incorporate into the braid.

Now start braiding your hair as normally.

Finish your French braid with an elastic band.

Then add a bit of hairspray on it to fix the hairstyle perfect.

Use bobby pins to safe any loose strands that you want to be tucked in.

French braid hairstyles for long hair Tips

  • You can add ornaments to your braid by attaching some pearls or shiny beads on French braid to give it a more feminine look.
  • If you like you can wear a hair band or put natural flowers on it to make your hairstyle look more stylish and girly.
  • To give your hairstyle a variation from others, for the untidy look by pulling the braid sections and loosening them.
  • To avoid knot, keep your hands separated during the braiding

French braid is very simple hairstyle method to make you pretty. When you catch the method then you can give some different styles to your hair. Some of them are waterfall braid, Dutch braid, or the fishtail braid.

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