Janet Fair and Natural Fairness Cream

Janet Fair and Natural Fairness Cream is a popular skin care product in the market which has a higher demand. The secret behind this cream is it is a 100% natural product without including any harmful chemicals or bleaching agents.

Main ingredients include, Rose, Turmeric, Carrot, Marigold, Wheat germ, Lime, Soya and Arnica. These ingredients themselves contain high nutrients and vitamins and blend of all of them would make a miracle. Its vitamin A, B, C, and E help to avoid skin darkening while providing nourishment to your skin. It helps to glow your skin also helping to have a younger skin which you always dream of using a fairness cream. This product is non oily.

Direction to use; first cleanse your skin and dry it with a cleaner piece of cloth/towel. Take sufficient amount of cream to apply both on your neck and face. Gently apply and massage your face and neck in circular motion. For better results use it daily.

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