Nature’s Secrets Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

Why you need to use Nature’s Secrets Anti Wrinkle Night Cream? Those who are conscious of their facial beauty always concern about wrinkles and try different methods to control skin aging. There are different anti-aging facial creams available in the market, but Nature’s Secrets Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is chosen by many users from other anti aging creams because it is a unisex  product and suitable for any skin type. It includes Vitamin A and Retinol. Natural ingredients like Almond oil, Virgin coconut oil and olive oil are included in this miracle making night cream.

Almond oil which is rich in its nutritional value acts as a skin moisturizer. Virgin coconut oil reduces the dryness of the skin increasing elasticity. Olive oil helps controlling premature skin aging. For a younger looking and fresh skin these ingredients altogether become the best medicine by smoothing the wrinkles and giving faster results.

Directions to use:

After cleansing your face, apply the cream evenly on your face and neck while giving a smooth massage. Use it regularly every night before going to bed. The night cream will do its job throughout the night while you are sleeping, nourishing your skin and preventing premature skin aging.

The cream is ammonia and alcohol free. You can purchase your Nature’s Secrets Anti Wrinkle Night Cream from any outlet or order online. The cream is available in a handy 50 ml tub for just Rs.450/=.

A product of:

Nature’s beauty Creations Limited,

23, Millewa,


Sri Lanka.

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