Nature’s Secrets Multivitamin Face Cream

Uneven skin tone and dark spots are common issues faced by women in a tropical country like Sri Lanka.  Skin is exposed to dust and sunlight due to busy day- to-day work. In that busy schedule there is no time remained to think about your skin care. Yet it is nothing to worry if you have Nature’s Secrets Multivitamin Face Cream with you. What is much better than a natural beauty care product manufactured out of very ingredients of our country to nourish your skin? This product includes Sandal wood, Licorice and Nut Grass.

This Multivitamin face cream is available in a handy container of 50 ml which is easier to carry where ever you travel. It contains the most essential B, C and E vitamins and anti oxidants which are most suitable for dry and normal skin types. Soon you start using the cream you would definitely feel the specialty of a natural beauty care product. It prevents un-even skin tone protecting your skin from UV rays. Dark spots will never bother you again. Its non-greasy texture makes it easier to apply on your face.

After cleansing your face and neck, smoothly apply the cream by gently massaging in circular motion for effective results. Daily usage assures you a healthy skin. Buy your Nature’s Secrets Multivitamin Cream by a nearby store or order online today just for an affordable price of Rs.320/=.

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Nature’s beauty Creations Limited,

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Sri Lanka.

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