Platinum Face Lifting Cream with Licorice

Do you have a dry skin? Any wrinkles? Uneven skin tone or pigmentation spots? Start using Nature’s secrets Platinum Face Lifting Cream with Licorice. It is a facial cream specially made targeting these issues which are common to many users who live in a tropical country like Sri Lanka.

Ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, Licorice root extract and olive oil

Virgin coconut oil helps to reduce dry skin and helps relaxing skin muscles. Licorice extract is a commonly used medicinal herb in Sri Lanka having essential nutrients to whiten skin. It also acts as an anti-wrinkle agent. Olive oil has antioxidant containing vitamin E. Therefore a combination of these herbs helps you to solve many of your skin related issues. This is a multi functional facial cream. While it gives you a glorious and even skin color, it nourishes your skin to look young and clean.

Apply the cream after cleansing while giving a massage to your face. For better results apply the cream evenly in face and neck. Regular use helps to get faster results. The cream is available in 50 ml jars for Rs.1650/= that you can easily buy from a store or order online. It is silicon and mineral oil free. You can use it without hesitation because it is manufactured using natural ingredients found in the country under heavy supervision.

A product of:

Nature’s beauty Creations Limited,

23, Millewa,


Sri Lanka.

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