Restoria Express Hair Color Review For Men & Women

Today I’m going to share about Restoria Express Hair Color Solution Review. We have more chances in these days to get grey hair quickly. All people have computer, face book, phone, whatapp and viber. They are the life for them. They are living as machine life.  They all stand in front of laptop. So definitely they get grey hair in young age. 10% teenagers have grey hair so compulsory they have to use Restoria Express hair colour to change their look. We have to decrease stress and eat nutrition food mostly food which have iron and vitamin E and green leaves it good for hair growth. Protect grey hair in young age. You can protect hair by hair oil massage treatment, deep conditioner treatment. Always do these treatments at home. Once in a month cut small amount of your hair.

Beauties get beauty from beauty products. When we select beauty products we have to consider 3 important things.

  • Have to know the product is good for us
  • Expiry date of product
  • Quality of product

In parties we wear expensive beauty dresses and ornaments, at that time we consider our face makeup and hair style also. We should have proper black hair to put a beautiful hair style.  Have to get black hair it improves beauty to us. Young generation both girls and boys don’t like grey and brown hair. They mostly use colour dye. 100% people put different colour like red, purple to their hair for fashion.


Restoria Express hair dye patch test

When first time we use the hair colour we should test it before. This test is good for our body and hair. This test is called as patch test for hair dye. Patch test must do before use. All have to do this test. Specially use this test before apply hair dye or hair colour. This test protects your hair from some other effects.

  • Apply hair color in the back side of ear.
  • Only apply 5cm line don’t need too much.
  • Remove that within 10 minutes using tissue or cotton
  • Observe it for 24 hours – 48 hours

Observe in the back side of ear, when you get irritation, pimples and redness completely avoid hair color.  Then you have allergic problem. Not all the people only some people have allergic. If they have sensitive skin. But don’t tell this product is not good. It’s happen only  for your skin type. If you get any problem please go to dermatologist and take advice. If you have allergic then you can’t use any other hair colour products not only Restoria Express hair colour.

Some foods good and some cause allergic like cuttlefish, prawn, pineapple and some. But we can’t tell these foods are not good food for our health. Some people have this allergic disease. If you don’t have allergic then you can use this  Restoria Express hair colour. Magic of Restoria Express within 5 minutes your hair colour completely change.


Restoria Express hair color Australia Manufacture

Restoria Express hair colour is a Australian product. Mostly Australian products are always good. They have high laboratory service. More facilities in their laboratory. Don’t think Australian product is not suitable for Asian. Australian people have blonde hair.  But Asian people have black hair.  Asian hair also can use this Australian product Restoria Express hair colour to change within 5 minutes.


Apply Restoria Express hair color

Before apply Restoria Express hair colour don’t have oil in hair. Don’t have hair styling product too. Before colour we have to put shampoo and fully wash hair. Hair completely remove all stylish and oil. After that dry your hair using hair dryer. After dry then only apply hair colour. Don’t use hair conditioner before using hair colour.  The reason is shampoo opens the cuticles and if conditioner use the cuticles close. So it not absorb hair colour or hair dye. Then no colour change occurs. Granular pigments have to go inside the cuticles and change colour.  Restoria Express hair colour destroy melanin and give colour change.  Always don’t use conditioner before use. First do patch test then apply shampoo.


Second time when you apply Restoria Express hair colour is depend on the hair growth. Some people have faster hair growth. Some have slow growth. This one re growth your hair colour for long lasting. When grey hair start to appear then it grow always if cut hair.  Some people grey hair grow for 1/4’, 3/4′ that time we have to apply full from top to bottom.

When you saw your hair is shaded, unhealthy or color less happen then start to apply. Top to bottom have to apply like re growth. Mostly 2 -3 weeks apply after colour change use colour protecting shampoo. This shampoo use to protect hair colour change. Use conditioner after put shampoo. But don’t use conditioner before apply Restoria Express hair colour.  If use conditioner before then no colour change happen.

We can apply Restoria Express hair colour at home in easy way. No need to go beauty salon for apply hair colour and no need to waste money to beauticians. These are the steps we have to do when apply Restoria Express hair colour.


Inside Restoria Express hair colour box

  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • No 1 cream
  • No 2 cream developer


Restoria Express hair colour Steps

Put gloves in your hand. Do you know why we wear gloves? It protects our hands. It avoid chemicals to go inside in wounds in hands. Avoid nail discolour due to hair colour and skin damage.

Use no 1 cream it written in the tube. Squeeze that no 1 cream in the brush like tooth paste. The no 1 cream is in brown colour. After apply close the cap for reuse.

Then squeeze no 2 cream developer. That no 2 developer cream in white colour.

Then comb hair using that cream applied brush from top to bottom first. Then next side of hair. Don’t apply cream in full hair like hair oil. You have to take every time and apply completely.

That’s the only steps you have to do. It’s a easy way to apply and you can do it by your own hand at home. So no need others help. After comb you can see grey colour became black colour.

You can see in that tube they mentioned No 1 and No 2 cream.  Other products have volume like 3% or 6%. So you confuse about which one have to use. So need to measure it and some products have to dilute it in water and apply.  But this Restoria Express hair colour is easy way like how we apply tooth paste to our teeth.

So two creams no 1 and No 2 are in both side of brush. When we use any other products we don’t know how much have to apply. But here we can know how much have to apply. Take equal amount of cream and squeeze from tube.

First time you have to do patch test. If already use Restoria Express hair colour then you don’t need to test patch test. Within 5 minutes you can see the magic happen. Then apply shampoo to your hair. After reuse wash your hair after 5 minutes. Use colour protective shampoo. Then you can use conditioner if you like. Then hair colour change to black.

Restoria Express for men hair colour

Boys don’t use this Restoria Express hair colour in beard or side burns. If your eye brow became grey colour but you can’t use this Restoria Express hair colour in that part. Don’t use any hair colour product not only Restoria Express hair colour in your face. Both male and female can use this Restoria Express hair colour product. The husband and wife or family members who have grey hair can use this same product within them.  Girls apply from top to bottom of hair. Boys can apply like brushing hair. It’s easy method for men.

Reason for grey hair

  • Genetic
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy
  • No nutrition food to intake
  • Environmental factors

We can’t avoid appearing grey hair in old age. So have to apply grey hair coverage to show us as young in age 60. Mostly old age people like 60 or 75 not accept grey hair. They also go to beauty salon and change colour to black temporarily. So you can apply at home no need to go beauty salon or no need to spend money to beautician. Its specially for grey hair. But also you can use it if you have brown hair. But no need to use it all time. Because sometimes brown hair change into black after few period.

Grey hair mostly happen in small age if we don’t have melanin. But can’t use hair colour in childhood age. Teenagers only can use this hair colour. You also can’t use any other product when you have allergic. It effect skull so don’t use. You can’t use it again when you get problems. Other hair dye products also can’t use. If you get any problems please consult dermatologist and get advice.







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